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Guadalupe Face Time NFT

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Guadalupe Face Time NFT

Getting into my wetsuit, preparing the underwater housing, checking it and rechecking it, the only thing going through my mind was that first shark, the first one I see, what was it going to be like, what was the water going to be like, the respirator, there were so many things going through my mind. 

As I descended into the cage, the cool water engulfed all my thoughts.  The sound of breathing through the respirator and the bubbles were calming.  The water and fish swimming just outside the cage was mesmerizing. In the distance, I saw the shadow of this first shark, as it got closer, you could make out the details.  It quickly came into light and gracefully glided by the cage.  You could see the schools of fish disperse as it came.  It was beautiful!  Then it disappeared into the deep blue, as fast as it came. 

I’ve been around, and photographed many apex predators, and the feeling that I get once close, is almost always opposite of what my prior knowledge and most people think about them.  Are they dangerous? Yes, of course.  But there is also knowledge about them, and their interactions.  I NEVER had a desire to photograph great whites, until about a year ago when I swam with orcas.  Now, I want to come back, and do more underwater adventures.  


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