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Mike Darter is a photographic artist with the natural world as his preferred subject. Mike has been studying and documenting wildlife and wild spaces since he was a young boy through watercolor and acrylic artwork. Mike’s ability to compose amidst the uncooperative and often chaotic world of wild spaces has established him as one of the premier talents in the World of photography.

Ultimately, Mike communicates to his audience through the eyes of his subjects, or at the perfect intersection of light and angle in a landscape. Mike’s images teach us about our natural world through the connective emotions that we share when we see something from his vision.


Leading photography tours has cemented Mike as one of the worlds leading instructors in the field, giving his students/travel mates experiences that remain the highlight of their lives. Photography is an incredible art that in our modern world has the ability to change our thoughts, our politics, our opinions and in Mike’s hands, change our hearts. You can see the resilience and struggle in the eyes of a Bison trying to survive winter in Yellowstone. Or, the strength and vulnerability in a Silverback in the extreme mountains of war torn central Africa. The incredible beauty of a ridgeline in the Tetons. Mike’s talents bring these to our own eyes. Those fortunate enough to own one of Mike’s works don’t really own them. They are stewards for the rest of us who are lucky enough to see them and experience the relationship that is formed when you look at one of Mike’s pieces. To experience a once in a lifetime opportunity of a guided wildlife photo tour, Mike books through and his individual works can be found at