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Getting ready for another Yellowstone Winter Wildlife Tour with @aaronstours and thought I would post my top pick on gear this year.  These are my must haves, for one reason or another, which I will go into below. 

@sonyalpha Sony a1 camera.  This is Sony’s flagship body, and it doesn’t disappoint.  This is my most important piece of gear, and without it I wouldn’t be going.  By far the best body that I have shot on.  This year I will be shooting primarily with the Sony 200-600mm lens, with the Sony 400mm prime, and Tamron 35-150mm for backup.

@apple iPhone 13 Pro.  Besides it’s main function of a phone and communication device, This has become my wide angle lens, and primarily tool for shooting video and Timelapse’s. The video and camera on this one is amazing. 

@eddiebauer Evertherm 2.0 jacket and most of my clothing gear. Eddie Bauer makes the most durable clothes, and with tall sizes, they actually fit me! The guide pro pants are a must on trips like these, and one pair can easily last several days in the field.  No odor problems, and you can’t get them dirty. The Evertherm 2.0 is my favorite jacket and keeps me warm in the minus digits with layering. Eddie Bauer has been on every adventure over the past 8 years. Can’t wait to take them to Patagonia in May!

@tagheuer Tag Heuer connected watch.  This is the best digital watch that I have ever owned, and actually looks like a real watch. Its ceramic face bevel is super durable, and it tracks heart rate, steps, weather, and more.  Connects with google wear OS and works great with the iPhone. Updates time zones automatically so I never have to worry about changing the time. 

@benchmadeknifecompany mini infidel OTF knife.  I don’t leave home without it.  My favorite knife, with double edge blade.

@concealedcarryinc Mountain Man Medical trauma kit.  This is actually named the Yellowstone, so what else would I take??

@guragearphoto Kiboko backpack and Chobe messenger bag.  These two bags are the only bags I trust with my photography gear.  The butterfly opening system of the Kiboko makes it easy to carry my long lenses, I can get one body with the 400mm on one side, and another body with the 200-600mm on the other side, along with a few other items, like the go pro, filters, and the pulsar axiom.  The Chobe carries an extra lens, sat phone, and laptop with all my cables and hard drives.  

@pulsarnightvision Pulsar Axiom XM30S Thermal scope.  This professional grade thermal imaging sensor can detect a (6 ft) tall object at 1300 m (1420 yds) distance in complete darkness.  This will be my first year to have this, and I am so excited to see how it works and handles.  It can record video and photos directly to the device, and then connect to iPhone through wifi.  We’ll see but it could be a game changer in Yellowstone and Patagonia in the Spring. 

@inmarsatglobal Inmarsat satellite phone.  This goes on almost every trip with me.  Just in case.  It came in handy in Alaska during the coastal brown bears tour in Katmai, and while diving with great whites at Guadalupe Island.  Can make and receive calls and texts. Smallrig multi tool.  This is a must have for tripods, L brackets, and mounts. Giotto rocket blower.  This is a must have to clean lenses and sensors in the field.  The Sony a1 finally introduced a cover for the sensor when the camera is off, but with the a7RIV…