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Beach Beauty


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I laid on the beach with this bear for about 15 minutes while in Lake Clark National Park in the summer of 2021.  It was an amazing experience, and it was as if she was posing for us the entire time.  I loved the contrast of her against the natural designs in the sand from the low tide.

Her name was Crimp Ear, and there is an interesting story behind her.  The year before, she lost her Spring cub to a violent attack by a male bear.  Shortly after that incident, another sow, Agora,  kicked her Spring cub out to live on her own, which was very uncommon for bears to do.  Crimp Ear took that cub in and now cares for it as her own.  This summer the cub was a yearling and doing well with her.

they would lay on the beach together during low tide, after gorging themselves on clams.

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