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A Mother’s Love


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A Mother’s Love- Coastal Brown Bear and Cub, Alaska, 2021

In 2021, I was able to spend a week in Alaska at Lake Clark National Park, photographing these huge coastal brown bears. Crimp ear is a well know bear in that area for her mother insticts.  A year before I took this pic, her spring cub was attacked and killed by a big male bear.  It was apparently a horrific incident, and there were photographers there when it happened.  She tried to defend the cub, but was unsuccessful.  So not long after that event, another bear, known as Agora, kicked out her cub, forcing the cub to live on its own.  Crimp ear then took in that cub, and fostered it.  Every day we saw them, they were together, and this is one shot I got of them both lying on the beach, Crimp ear watching her cub sleep.  


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