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The One That Got Away- Brooks Falls, Alaska


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The One That Got Away- This is the shot I was hoping to get at Brooks Falls.  This was the ONE shot that I wanted this trip.  And while it has been captured many different times, and many different ways since the legendary photographer Thomas Mangelson first got the iconic shot “Catch of the Day”, back in 1988, I still wanted to capture it on my own.

I didn’t realize, however, until I actually got it, that my focus was not on the bear catching the fish, but the fish narrowly escaping death in the jaws of the bear, to successfully spawn upstream, before most likely dying from the fighting the territory to get there, and from digging nests in the gravel bed of the river.

As I was photographing, I was noticing that the best shots were when the bear almost gets the fish, but it narrowly escapes.  I also notice that my thought process inside was constantly pulling for the fish.  I don’t know if it was actually because I wanted a better shot, or if I was just pulling for the fish. 

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