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Patagonia Farewell


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"PATAGONIA FAREWELL"- Limited Edition 250 - Puma in Patagonia, 2022

"Patagonia Farewell" was shot in 2022 while on a photo tour in Patagonia for Puma. We spent a full week tracking pumas, and I got this shot on the last day.

From Instagram-

The shot I missed. Kind of...Here's the story. We had one good morning with great light, open mountains, and cats in the vicinity to make an epic shot. This puma, Coyron, son of Rupestre was our first opprotunity. We were behind him, so I got this shot of him moving through the window. Before he disappeared around the mountain, he looked back one last time. The only thing was, I was too low and only had blue sky above. During the morning we had two more pumas pass through the open window moving toward the towers. I was slightly behind the other two as well. I was able to later get some background shots and combine them for this shot, to show an accurate depiction of what I saw that morning. It was indescribable, as you may tell. It was beautiful. 

These moments are rare. And they are not easy, no matter how Instagram may make it look at times. I may never get another opportunity for a shot like this, and it is frustrating to be so close, and miss it, but just witnessing it was even a chance of a lifetime. Im so glad that I finally got to Patagonia, and I do hope someday to return. Until then, this image will be burned in my mind, and I will never forget the shot I missed…

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