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Baby Tonga


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"Baby Tonga" - Humpback Whale in Tonga, 2023. 250 Limited Edition

This photo was taken in Tonga and was one of the best wildlife experiences that I have ever had. At one time, this baby whale came up and interacted with everyone in the water.  

It approached me and I started to back away, but it just came closer.  We were both swimming and I turned to my side to start photographing it, and it rolled on its side, I turned back and it started mimicking my actions.  We swam for for about minute together, what seemed like an hour. Looking directly into the eye of such an animal, it was clear that we were both in wonder. Mardi had a similar experience, and I’m so glad that we both got to experience that together.

I had a similar experience a few years ago, when I swam with some orcas, and looking into the eye of one as she passed, it felt almost as communication, that everything was ok, there was nothing but wonderment and curiosity on both sides. 

This print is stunning on acrylic or metal with its incredible detail and high resolution. I printed it for myself 9 feet wide on acrylic.


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Acrylic, Canvas, HD Photo Paper, Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper