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Introducing a whole new way to decorate your favorite space with high quality, 4k nature and wildlife fine art.  ArtTV on Apple TV displays the high quality fine art of nature and wildlife photographers Aaron Baggenstos and  J. Michael Darter.  The app is free for a limited time and includes 24 high quality images of nature from around the world.  The app also includes a variety of matting options for you to choose from.


The app includes 24 photos total, which include 6 wildlife images from each photographer, 6 nature images from each photographer.

Mike’s Gallery

Aaron’s Gallery


The images are all high quality images, and render very well on a large format, 4k television.  Prints that are the size of a 65 or 82 inch can cost up to $3000 dollars or more, depending on what they are printed on.  These prints have vibrant colors, tack sharp focus, and are backlit, which can create some amazing effects in certain lighting.  You can also choose different matting for the images, in 6 different colors, seen below.  



This app brings a whole new experience to your television, and can enhance any room.  Download it today using the link below!


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