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Yellowstone Frosty


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“Yellowstone Frosty”- Limited Edition 250- Bison in Yellowstone

This photo was taken on a Yellowstone winter tour, and features a bison bedded down in the snow covered in frost. Each year in January, I co-lead a winter Yellowstone Tour for Aaron’s Tours.  These massive animals (weighing up to 2,000 pounds) feed on grasses and sedges year-round. When blizzards blanket the plains with deep snow, bison use their heads as a plow of sorts to push aside the accumulation and reach the forage below.  Bison grow a winter coat of woolly underfur with coarse guard hairs that protects them from the elements. It’s key for surviving extremely low temperatures in areas swept by strong winds.


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Acrylic, Canvas, HD Photo Paper, Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper