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Yellowstone Bobbysocks Panorama


The “Bobbysock Trees” in Yellowstone, create a fabulous landscape, especially during the winter months. These dead lodgepole pines are known as bobby socks trees because of their white bottoms, which is caused when the trees soak up the mineral-rich water of the thermal area. After the water evaporates, they appear to be wearing white ankle socks because of the minerals left behind, and thus the name.


Lamar Valley, in Yellowstone National Park, is home to some of the most impressive wildlife in the United States.  Wolves, Bears, Bison, Elk, coyote, and badgers are just a handful of the many wildlife species that inhabit the area.

The Fall is my favorite time to visit Lamar Valley and photograph the wildlife.  The rut, the Fall color, the weather, they all lead to a lot of wildlife activity in the valley.

This panorama photo puts you in the middle of the valley in the Fall.

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24×8, 40×10, 60×20, 80×20

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Acrylic, Canvas, Paper, Hahnenmule Rag Paper


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