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"THROUGH THE STORM"- Limited Edition 250 - Yellowstone National Park, 2023

The wild bison of Yellowstone are more than just a tourist attraction for the park. Yellowstone is the only place in the lower 48 states to have a continuously free-ranging bison population since prehistoric times, and the bison are a rich part of American history. By 1902, the great herds of bison that once dominated the landscape were nearly gone. Hundreds of thousands of bison were killed by U.S. troops and market hunters.  Luckily, Yellowstone managers purchased 21 bison in an effort to preserve the wild species through protection and management. By 1954, there were over 1800 bison in Yellowstone.  Decades since, the bison population has ranged between 2,400 and 5,500 animals.

I was talking to a friend the other day who runs a great foundation @warriorsrestfound It is a foundation with a mission to help First Responders heal from frontline traumas & empower them to live healthy, productive lives. Being in law enforcement for 20 years, I know first hand the importance of this organization, and what first responders deal with daily. He reminded me of how bison react to storms, compared to cows. Cows will huddle together and wait through the storm, while bison will face it head on, and walk into the storm. The result is cows are in the storm for a longer time. Remember, whatever you are facing, it is temporary, and it will pass. Face it head on, and get through it with the people in your corner, and that storm, however turbulent it may be, will pass faster than just waiting for it to pass. If you feel this is something that you would like to support, please visit and donate if you can. And if you are interested in buying one of these prints, I will donate a portion, on your behalf, to them. These people are what separates us from CHAOS on a daily basis.

This print can be printed up to 48x72 and is stunning on acrylic!

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16×24, 20×30, 24×36, 30×40, 30×45, 40×60, 48×72

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Acrylic, Metal, Canvas, HD Photo Paper, Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper