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Backlit Print- The Sentinel



I’m excited to announce that I am now selling backlit prints on select prints. Backlit prints are prints that include a backlit frame that can be lit up to enhance the colors and depth of the image.  The Sentinel is a perfect match for a backlit print.  When the frame is turned off, it looks like a normal print.  However, when the frame is turned on, it transforms into a whole new experience!  Paired with a smart plug, you can program this print to come on to pre set hours. This is stunning in low light rooms or at night.

Homer is a city in Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula, and is known as the “Halibut Capital of the World”.  Because it is known as this, it is also home to thousands of bald eagles. This eagle was photographed during a scout trip to the area for Aaron’s Tours.  In 2020, Aaron’s Tours will be adding a new photo tour focused on eagles, otters and other winter migratory birds in the area. Aaron and I spent several hours in a remote Alaskan wilderness with a group of about 25 bald eagles.  It was an amazing encounter, and was perhaps the most memorable photographic experience I have had, as the bald eagle has long been one of my favorite wildlife icons. This is a beautiful print that will look best printed on metal or acrylic.


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