Dramatic Corporate Design

Dramatic Corporate Design

What does your office, conference room, or board room say about you as a leader in your workspace?

If you are an owner of a buisness, CEO, or manager, have you ever taken a step back and looked at your office and what it says about you to employees or potential clients, or customers?  How does it make you feel when working?

Boring office spaces have been common in many businesses, and some in the past have actually been designed that way on purpose.  Some believe that the bland, taupe walls spattered with generic framed certificates are more structured and less distracting.  However, making small changes to your office space can create greater productivity, boost morale, and communicate success to clients or others that you do business with.

Adding color accents along with large photos of dramatic skies, including stormy lightning scenes, or the milky way, and high impact nature pictures, including massive Grizzly bears, polar bears, and large landscapes with Moose or Elk, can dramatically change not only the look of your office but the feel of it too.  These type of changes can often energize you, along with others in the office, and can make a bold statement of who you are.

Studies have shown people performing memory and attention tests improved their scores by 20 percent after walking through an arboretum, whereas, there was no such benefit from simply walking down a street.  Short breaks with nature, even if simply looking at photos, has a degree of mental benefit.

Long, immersive stretches in nature offer big benefits for our creativity and problem-solving skills. After spending four days in the wild, disconnected from any sort of digital technology, students performed 50 percent better on a problem-solving test.  And the positive mental effects don’t stop at brainy stuff like focus, creativity, and problem-solving. Nature improves our mood, generosity, and a lot more.

So, if you are too busy to achieve the benefits from immersive stretches in nature, surround yourself with images in the workplace, and see what impact it has on yourself and others.

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