Shooting In The Elements

Shooting in the heavy rain and cold for several days posed some problems for us all. First was the test on equipment. Most of the bodies and lenses were weather sealed, but we all know how that goes.

You Don’t Always Get What You Want

This is why great photos are so special. Knowing the trouble that one has to go through to get that shot. The setbacks of weather, and nature, and wildlife.

Tetons In The Spring

I'm back in Jackson Hole this Spring for baby animals and scenics. I was unable to help Aaron with the Spring Tour this year due to other commitments, but I was able to come up for a few days and help scout for new babies and other animals.

Aloha Aerials from The Big Island, Hawaii

Last week I had the pleasure of experiencing Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. If the Hawaiian sunrise and cup of Kona coffee wasn't enough, the ride in a Hughes 500 with no doors over Volcanoes National Park was an amazing experience! I was able to sit co pilot with Luca from Paradise Helicopter tours out of Hilo. Luca gave a great tour over the Volcanoes National Park, and was very knowledgable about the facts and history of the island and the volcanoes. Kīlauea Volcano has been continuously erupting for 30 years, and even at 500 feet above the flowing lava and open vents, you can feel waves of hot air rolling off the subsurface flows, which can reach temperatures of 2,000 degrees!

One week with the iPhone 7+

I spent last week in Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone co-leading a Fall Wildlife Tour with Aaron's photo tours. I had the opportunity to use a new iPhone 7+ for the trip, and test the new dual camera system to see how good the photos would be and how they could best be used. I was pleasantly surprised with the new system, and below you'll see some examples. And while phone cameras are getting much better, at the same time, I realized the limits that still exist with them.

Last Day Fall Wildlife Tour

Today was the last day of the tour, and we started around 530am. We packed up and started making our way through the park back to Jackson Hole. We started off in Lamar Valley with hopes that the wolves would be on the carcass early, but there was nothing there. Coyotes began to come in not too soon after we had arrived, but we decided to head south through the park and see what we could find. Over Dunraven Pass, through the Hayden Valley, we didn't really see much, in fact, it was beginning to look like we were only going to get a few pics. We shot some at the Lower Canyon Falls, and decided to take a break for lunch at Yellowstone Lake Lodge. Just before getting to the Lodge, Aaron spotted something very unique.

Fall Wildlife Tour- Day 4

This morning started off in Gardiner, Montana, and we drove to the Lamar Valley to check on a carcass that we heard that was new. We got there early to see a couple of coyotes on the bison. We watched interaction between the coyote and the ravens, and a magpie as well. The coyote continued to try to chase them off, but finally settled in on the bison carcass. After shooting that for awhile, we decided to check out the rest of the valley. We found a Barrett Blackbird near Soda Butte and shot for awhile. There were also some horses there, so we shot them too, against the Lamar Valley. In the afternoon, we had some fun with a herd of bison that had created a stampede at the bridge over the Lamar River, and got some photos and videos of them. That was it for the day, so we returned to pack up to head back to Jackson tomorrow.

Fall Wildlife Tour- Day 3

This morning started off early again, packed and loaded to travel through the park, into Yellowstone, and ending in Gardiner, MT for a couple nights. We hit the Willow Flats for Elk in first light, and were able to photograph a couple of nice bulls who were bugling through the willows. We kept expecting them to find each other and battle, but it didn’t happen.

Fall Wildlife Tour- Day 2

We started out today a little bit earlier, around 5:30am, so we could photograph Oxbow Bend at sunrise. Oxbow Bend is one of the most photographed scenes in Grand Teton National Park, and is an iconic image. Oxbow bend is a bend in the Snake River just east of Lake Jackson, with Mount Moran sitting in the background. It was a spectacular morning sunrise, and we even had a bald eagle fly in and fish from the river.

Fall Tetons Wildlife Tour- Day 1

We started out the day early with Curtis, Ken, Carol, Richard, Katherine and Rachel. We drove to Schwabacher Landing for sunrise. It was a great sunrise, and we even got some Great Blue Heron and Beaver at the location. We shot the beaver after sunrise, and then headed to Gros Ventre area in search of Moose. We took a short hike along the river and found a large bull Moose and two cows. This was the biggest Moose I have seen, and was a 9×9.